CAI Greater Houston Chapter Office Damage

On Saturday, January 8, 2022, the building where our Chapter office is located was impacted by a tornado, thankfully nobody was harmed. Unfortunately, the extent of the damage was significant, including 90% of the roof structure being torn off by 90-110mph wind which allowed for several inches of rain to penetrate the building. As a result, all tenants have been released of their leases while the 3-story building undergoes what is anticipated to be a 9 – 12-month reconstruction project. 
The CAI Greater Houston Chapter office was located on the third floor and directly beneath a large section of roof that had been torn and we sustained an incredible amount of damage caused by water intrusion. We estimate around 80% of all the Chapter’s physical belongings, including historical files and hard drives, have been lost. Thankfully, much of the Chapter’s operations were moved to web-based services and storage in 2020, in the future this will minimize the potential impact of lost information and files.  
We have recovered what we were able to salvage and in the coming months the Board of Directors will discuss future office needs. Please know that our office phone number (713.784.5462) will remain the same and mail delivered to 9610 Long Point Rd, Suite 330, Houston, TX 77055 will be forwarded to a P.O. Box.
We thank you in advance for your patience as we work through this situation and will update the membership as we progress. 
Should you have any questions, please contact our Chapter Executive Director, Jesus Azanza, at or 713.784.5462 (office) / 512.786.6771 (cell).