Strategic Plan Announcement 2022


Dear Members, 

I am excited to announce the launch of our Chapter’s strategic plan for 2022, designed to unleash the power of community associations throughout the Greater Houston area.  

Created by the Board of Directors with input from committee chairs and staff, our 2022 strategic plan sets the course for our Chapter’s future and lays out three overarching goals that we’ll work to accomplish in the next year.  

Our efforts, guided by our plan, will: 


Understanding who we are not only requires that we look introspectively, but it also demands that we look outward to better understand the physical boundaries that determine geographically where we should have a presence. To accomplish this goal, we will review our existing contact list, plot our membership on a digital map, and work with committees and staff to identify key players in our industry so that we can determine where to conduct our networking and educational events. With a better understanding of where our members are located and the needs within their local area, we can provide greater access to resources and information while expanding out outreach efforts into new markets. 


With the creation of the CAI Texas Legislative Action Committee (TLAC), the Chapter is committed to participating in what we believe is a much more concerted and transparent advocacy process — derived from input by all CAI Texas Chapters and supported by a group of diverse delegates from across the state. For this new endeavor to be successful, it requires volunteers to donate time and money, both of which we have committed to providing. 2022 will be a crucial year for community associations in Texas as we head into the next legislative session and the CAI Greater Houston Chapter will be there to represent, inform, and engage our membership every step of the way. 


Community association management companies vary in size and scope — their perspectives are crucial as they are the “boots on the ground” that deliver knowledge, expertise, and resources to community association volunteer leaders. While the competitive landscape between these companies is fierce, our Chapter will focus on bringing management company CEO’s together to create meaningful connections with their peers and learn how we can better serve their businesses. 

Our commitment is simple — we will continue to evolve and adapt our programming to meet industry challenges head-on and provide resources for our growing membership. Aligned in a common vision and committed to a shared strategy, the CAI Greater Houston Chapter is well-positioned to deliver on our 2022 strategic plan.
Should you have any questions or comments, please contact Jesus Azanza, Executive Director, CAI Greater Houston Chapter, at or 713.784.5462.


Bill Higgins, CMCA, AMS, Crest Management Company, AAMC
2022 President, CAI Greater Houston Chapter